Surgical Associates of Fox Valley - Horrible Punctuality, No respect!

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HORRIBLE!11:40 appt w/Dr Lee.

Was asked to come in at 11:10 for paperwork, which I did respectively! At 12:10 still not seen, I approached the front desk to have the red ponytailed receptionist look at me like I had 3 eyes. I explained to her that I've been there an hour already and I needed to get home since my husband stayed home in the morning to get the kids off the bus and he needed to get into work. She said that Dr Lee was late this morning thus why I haven't been seen yet.

I ask how much longer? She replied she didn't know. I asked her is there anyone ahead of me she replied yes, 3 people. I asked her why no one told me he was behind schedule when I arrived or called me before I came in.

Her reply was that he could make the time up. REALLY!?!?! I explained to her that it would have been really appreciated if she would have called/told me either before or after I arrived. I went on to tell her that I have a busy life too, that my husband had to take the morning off to get the kids off the bus and much planning had to happen to make this work.

She looked so annoyed and like she really didn't care. I asked her to reschedule me for the first morning appt available. Her reply was that he doesn't do in-office surgery in the morning, only his last appt of the day and it was HIGHLY likely this would be the case next time as well. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!

I asked to reschedule with another doctor then, her reply was that it would be the same with the other doctors as well.My advise to anyone reading this is, DON'T USE THIS OFFICE!


Marengo, Illinois, United States #852982

I recently had an appointment about a month ago.The doctor wouldn't even look at my ultrasound disk which I brought with me to the appointment instead he wanted a catscan so I had that done.

The hospital told me that results would be ready in 48 hours. I called and spoke with Kiersten and she told be no no they will call me in 7 - 10 days. I thought that was odd so I called the hospital thinking that I may have heard something wrong. The hospital said yes your results are ready and the doctor should have them.

I called Kiersten back and she sounded a little annoyed this time but sure enough she was able to pull up the results. She said the doctor would call me. I still have not been called and it has been weeks later with no results. You know what just came in the mail yesterday ?

The bill for the doctors visit.

Needless to say I will not be paying that bill or ever returning to Fox Valley Surgeons in Crystal Lake, IL

I have since found a much more caring surgical team in Barrington.

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